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Meet Carin

The Last Carinnahnah

"I come from two huge families, but it was my mother that showed me the importance of family. When she died, I became depressed and lost my way without realizing how lost I was. Painting was just a way of coping with that, and I eventually turned that passion into Carinista Art. My love for art saved my from myself as it always used to growing up. Thank you for being here to share this journey with me."





Carin Bernard is a Connecticut raised painter. She graduated from the University of Connecticut with a Bachelors in Economics. Her goal was to prepare herself financially for anything that may come after graduating college. Following the loss of her mother jn 2010, Carin decided not to pursue any of her artistic interests. In 2017, painting became something she did to combat her depression. It was a form of art therapy she had never considered previously.  As positive feedback towards Carin's are work began to increase, Carinista Art was created shortly after. 

"Becoming an artist was always something I had to pursue, but I had to be able to invest in myself. I knew if I did that I would eventually pay my way out of the hell I was in. I was so close to being homeless at one point, I decided become a vegetarian to save money on food. Learning Economics was essential for me to survive this world alone For the first time in my life, I had to help myself."


As of November 2020, Carin has sold over 100 original paintings and instructed12 paint parties. She has also demonstrated several live painting demonstrations at various events across Connecticut. Her brand logo is represented by a simple cherry silhouette. It represents a symbol of hope that any person dealing with trauma will overcome. The mission of Carinista Art is to promote self-love, self-preservation and surviving while staying beautiful inside and out.

"COVID-19 taught me that you have to be open for change at any time in your journey. I think as a business I prepared myself enough so that I can still thrive even when public events are limited. It feels good knowing that my mom was right about how things would turn for me. I'm so glad she got to be my mom. This business is driven by her."  



Chibi Carinda 2020

Self-portrait - I'm a work in progress. 2021


#Project28 - Birthday Under Quarantine 2020

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