Vol. 1 - The feeling of being different. Being the black sheep of the family when all you ever wanted was to look and be like your mother. She loves you regardless, but she can’t protect you from what is yet to come, life. 

Earth, unfortunately, supplies breathable air to “individuals” that will make you feel irregular...make you feel alienated. Not BLACK enough! What REDBONES you have! All you ever wanted was love and acceptance universally, yet “individuals” treat you as if you are a lab rat. THEN, when you think someone sees your greatness, they force themselves on you so that they can have the modified “BLACK EXPERIENCE.” WTF. 

Fuk Sex, yes I said it. Because what good is sex if the person is only doing it to get off. To feel like they achieved a merit badge or hit a sadistic milestone in their pathetic life. Fuk Conditional Love, and Fuk that “individual”. 

“Acrylic painting on 28” x 22” stretched canvas. January 2020.”

BLK PTSD: Vol 1.




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    Portland, CT, USA

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