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Welcome to the official website of Carinista Art! Here you can purchase paintings, prints and other products associated with my brand. You can also book your customized paint night experience and manage your event schedule here! I am excited to make a career out of my hobby and utilize it help make the world a more beautiful place. Learn more about myself and my movement #RespectTheBrand  and become a member today to stay connected and be the first to receive promotions, coupons and more! Thank you so much for being a part of my journey and enjoy your time!


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Respect the Brand


Carinista Art Celebrates Kwanzaa with Cultured AF Studios in New London, CT! Click image for full Article.

"Summer Commute" 16" x 20" April 2020

Your race. Your culture. Your identity. That is YOUR brand! Respect the BRAND is a movement to encourage self-preservation and self-love. My name is Carin Bernard and I am a proud Black American woman. Respect the Brand! I challenge you all to embrace who you are and encourage others to respect YOUR brand. Post #RespectTheBRAND on your social media and be sure to join my emailing list for future updates and events regarding this movement <3 


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